Zend Framework and dojo-plugin by name dojo not found

19 Nov

Some Zend developers are facing the problem of “plugin by name dojo not found”. As I have already worked in dojo and come across several issues, I think better to update you.

This problems can be because of two things, I think
1. You don’t have downloaded latest and stable version of the Zend Framework.
2. Your configuration of dojo with Zend is not upto the point.

If have old version say ZF 1.5 or 1.6, visit Zend Framework and download latest version ZF 1.7. Although dojo was available in Zend Framework version 1.6, however you may face some problems. The most important one is “plugin by name editor not found.”. This is because Zend Framework 1.6 don’t have plugin class for dojo editor. However Zend Framework version 1.7 has this plugin. So its better to have latest but stable version of Zend.
Howeve if you have latest version and still unable to use dojo and having a bug “plugin by name dojo not found”. Read my post “https://zendguru.wordpress.com/2008/10/27/zend-framework-and-dojo/“.
This will help you out.
Feel free to post questions.


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