Zend Framework : basic configuration

1 Feb

Zend Framework Quick Start (click for ppt presentation)

After writting seperate articles on different Zend Framework topics I recieved many email from newbie asking me to write an article on how to make initial configuration.

Although this must have been done in the beginning however its never to late. Clikcing the above link you will find a powever point presentation where i have discuss what are design patterns, especially MVC design patterns, how to make initail directory structure, bootstrap file and a simple hello world example.

I have made all these things as simple as possible for beginners.

Although it is not necessary to learn design patterns for working in the Zend Framework however it will better to have a atleast basic idea of some conceptual topics like design pattern and object oriented programming.  This will enable you to get most benefits out of the Zend Framework.

Beside giving definition of design patterns i have given an example of the directory structure and most importantly the bootrap file. 

This is the minimal code require in the bootstrap file for working with Zend Framework MVC.

I haven’t discussed topics like how to make database configuration, configuration for two step view and how to add helpers to you Zend Framework application. This is becuase when you will get used to the minimal difinition you will be able to learn how to make extra configuration in future.

And finally I have developed a simple “hello world” example for better understanding of how controllers and views work togather. You will also find an example of how to use models in your application.


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