Zend Framework and Dojo: a simple but complete Zend_Dojo_Form tutorial

28 Jun

sorry this blog is deprecated. visit full article here.


Well, after writing few separate article about Zend Framework and dojo, I feel that I’d need to write a complete Zend_Dojo_Form. So here I am with complete example.

I am going to explain everything step by step.

1. Download Zend Framework latest version

Download least stable version from http://www.zend.com. Copy external/dojo to js/.

Hopefully you will create your directory structure as





















It’s not compulsory to create the similar directory structure I have created, this can vary. For best practice read Zend Quick start from Zend Framework documentation.

2. Enable dojo in the bootstrap file

I am not going to discuss everything you will need to have in your bootstrap file. I am explaining only the line of code needed to enable dojo.


One Response to “Zend Framework and Dojo: a simple but complete Zend_Dojo_Form tutorial”

  1. greg606 June 28, 2009 at 9:00 pm #

    Why use dojo if jquery is the best and mainstream…
    I know zf supports dojo but i’d rather see something on integrating it with jquery…

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