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Make your children listen to you

31 May

I almost always read Sunday “dawn” and find very useful article touching heart and soul.

I think it would be worthy writing a summery about one of them and give my own opinion as well.

Today an article written by Gulrukh Tausif was fabulous. Though I am single and like to be for some time at least for some months if not years, however the tips about children she has given are worthy to be remembered and passed along in the circle.

These tips are

Let them know their boundaries

You need to tell your children what behavior is acceptable in the house and what is not.

Remind them what you want them to do and then make sure its get done on the appointed time. Parents if firm and consistent to put children to work on certain time, can easily achieved it and will get no complaint what so ever once children get used to it.

Don’t give a child a chance to argue

If your child is glued to certain task, give him an ultimatum and walk out of the room. Don’t give him chance to countermand you. Just say that I’m going out and when I’ll get in you must be on your table doing your home work.

Always mean what you say

Well, this is the most important one and I’ve seen many parents doing so. When a child cross his boundary, parents give an ultimatum that If he do the same again he will be punished, but when child repeat that again parent do nothing. This gives the child a sense that all these are idle threats. Make sure you follow what you say and what you mean.

Keep criticism to the point

Your explanation should be as short as possible, because most children cannot endure long lectures and their brain automatically tune off after the first 30 seconds or so.

I’ve seen parent giving long lecture and the end result is nothing. So stick to the point rather then a long lecture.

Modify your own behavior

If you mange to follow this tip you are half done. I’ve seen people telling children to follow rules that they even themselves don’t follow. Children learn more from your actions than from what you say. If you don’t listen to them they won’t listen to you next time. Give them full attention when they need. Next time when you need attention they would give it to you.

Explain your reasons

Nowadays children question everything and anything. Give them logical reasons instead of bossing them around. If they don’t brush their teeth or don’t concentrate on their homework, tell them pros and cons instead of crying and forcing them to do so.

Always use positive reinforcement

Praise you kid for each and every good little thing he does especially if he does it without your saying. Always say “Please” and “Thank you” and they will jump to fulfill your every command.

Listen to their problems

Your children shouldn’t be shy while telling you his problem. You must be closer to your children like his friends, so that he share everything with you. No matter how busy or tired you are, ask your children about their school, homework, teachers and classmates.

Be there for them

Put your kids need before your own. A bored, tired, hungry, sleepy or sick child is more likely to misbehave and flout your wishes. Cut shot the telephone call, switch of your TV, put down your latest best seller and see to their needs first.


Bloging experience

26 May

It’s been months since I’m writing my blog. So far so good. When facing situation like we confront in Pakistan, believe me writing and helping other give lot of relief.

I dramatically started writing my blog when I met Singaporean who is a web developer and entrepreneur. Initially it was like taking a bull by horn, but with the passage of time I got used to it and now I can easily write articles.

There may be grammatical as well as spelling mistake in my articles, however software engineer and developer don’t care much about this.