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Seven things you may not know about me

3 Jun

Well, on few places I saw seven things. In the beginning I didn’t understand what it’s all about, however after searching for some time I found what the secret behind the scene was. The idea behind was to write seven things that people don’t know about you and then write about seven people in your address book, mention their names and leave links to their blogs. After doing this, leave comments on their blog or twitter telling them that they have been tagged.

Here goes my seven things.

  1. I belong to Tribal Area of Pakistan. Yes, Its been in media since many year or I’d say after 9/11, when usama bin ladin flee to Tora bora. Keep in mind that Tora bora is an area/border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

My family is still living in tribal area, however we have a bit peaceful place, free from al-Qaida and Taliban.

  1. Pink is good and I like strawberry.
  2. I was very good soccer player. I was center forward of our college soccer team.
  3. After completing my master I tried hard to get job in Dot Net technologies, but fortunately or unfortunately got PHP job instead.
  4. I started writing my first blog in june 2008. That was in google’s blogspot.
  5. I am Capricorn; always work hard to get to the top of the mountain.
  6. I love reading novels. I am reading “The Zahir” by Paulo Coelho these days. Paulo Coelho is an author of award winning, bestseller “The Alchemist”.

And here goes seven people I know

  1. Gul Hassan

My uncle and mentor who give me strength to be where I am. An intelligent and cool person. Working as an Admin manager in government organization.

  1. James Leong:

A person who inspire me writing my own blog. A Singaporean, who came to Pakistan to establish his own business, cannot say much about him.

  1. Masood Anwar:

My team lead, who has given my lot of favors since my joining. I’ve been working with him since eight months. Full of patience and courage, think dynamically.

  1. Asim Zeeshan:

He is highly motivated, enthusiastic person. We both work in the same organization. He never hesitate in giving helping hand.

  1. Furqan Khan:

My colleague, my teammate. He is nice person and a brilliant developer. We always discuss TV program, best coming movies and other entertainment related stuff.

  1. Syed Zufliqar Hussain

He inspired me to play table tennis. He is working in Dot Net technologies, sober and courageous person. Always give his hand whenever help needed.

  1. Ahsan Shahzad:

A person writing his own blog on Zend Framework and other tool and technologies. Working in the same organization, where I am. Nice person, an intelligent engineer.


Why don’t Pakistani IT professionals write blogs?

14 Apr

Blogs really crucial these days, sort of web pages for sharing your knowledge, experience, and even personal information, gossips and even pictures and videos.

This is a kinda trend in developers all around the world to make their blogs and share their knowledge base. I’ve seen plenty of developers around the world, have made networks and writing constantly on their blogs. Blogs also used to increase web pages traffic rank, not of my concern.

Well, whatever the reason is behind writing blog?  The fact is writing blog not only help other and give them lot of relief, but also give the writer lot of skills and techniques of getting out of the problems. One can visit his own blog, when a problem he had faced earlier come to front.

Since I am writing my own blog, I haven’t only helped lot of developers around the world, but I have taken help myself in plenty of cases.

You may feel, while writing on specific topic, that who will read this and who much of them will find it helpful, completely useless, but I’ve seen that topics that were less important to me, where of great importance to others.

So please write and share your knowledge, coz sharing your knowledge with others increase your own knowledge.

Does hard work give benefits?

4 Mar

This is not always true, in my case.

I’m working hard, however I’ve been having rebound headache since three weeks and it has

scared me lot. Honestly and frankly I was feeling pain, look like my head will blow up.

What a programmer can do other then google his bug.

This is when bug missed up everything. The bug now wasn’t in my code by instead in my body.

Seem funny a bit, I guess.

I did the same, googled my bug, as anyhow I am bloody hell programmer. Yes exactly, I mean bloody hell.

it give lot of pain to be a programmer, as it was proved yesterday.

After googling and visiting few sites I come to the conclusion that several things like

digestion specially eating spicy and sour foods/fruits, over usage of pain killers, stress and tension, more usage of computer, Watching Tv all the day  etc cause rebound headache.

The point that made me wonder was “over usage of computer”.

I feel this is why I got rebound headache quite often.

Since last few weeks I’m not only having tough time in office, but also trying to learn

java, forcing me to spend more time on system.

I forgot one thing, that shouldn’t be.

You know what, huh?

It may not be really interesting for you, by the way. However I am also writing articles

time by time on different topics and posting on my blog.

Isn’t it of your interest?

It really shouldn’t be if you are not working in Zend Framework and haven’t visited my blog.

What I’ve planned to overcome this problem?

I don’t know, however someone may suggest that I should meet my physician. I think I’ll do the same.